Stone Work

There’s a pretty good reason HGTV doesn’t film a lot of landscaping episodes here in North Texas. Although we believe there is a ton of natural beauty in our area, it does come with it’s own set of challenges; the ground is hard, the indigenous trees are smaller in size, and the vegetation needs to be fairly drought tolerant for our rough summers.

At Deck Right we pride ourselves on taking what many would consider a disadvantage, and using them to create a landscape with charm that will blend naturally into the feel of our geography. Natural stone adds a sense of permanence to any home while creating a solid landscaping focal point to frame annual and perennial plantings.

BrickRetainingWall Flagstone_DecomposedGranite3 FlagstoneOverlay4 FlagstoneOverlay5 FlagstoneSteps2 StoneArchway StoneEdging_BrickRetainingWall StoneEdging_Flagstone2 StoneEdging2 StoneEdging11 StoneMailbox StoneRetainingWall2 StoneRetainingWall10 StoneRetainingWall15 StoneSteps StoneWalkPath5 PostTrim 2013-10-29 12.37.54 2014-11-12 16.26.20 2014-11-12 16.22.51-1